Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pacific Rim

To say that I felt apprehensive before watching Pacific Rim is to say nothing. I thought I have seen enough Kaiju films to last me a lifetime and didn’t want a to see a copy of “The Host”. But I have to eat my hat and admit that Guillermo del Toro can do no wrong for me, even if it is a film about Giant Sharks vs Giant Robots. Even if it is a film that tells me that Russians look like this:

What can I say? Switch your brain off and enjoy the joy and the beauty of humongous monsters fighting humongous robots! Don’t look for too much plot – there isn’t too much of it in “Pacific Rim” and don’t look for any exceptional actor performances neither. Let’s admit it that any actor that can deliver phrases like “Today we are canceling the apocalypse!” with a straight face deserve recognition. 

But just take it seriously for a minute, and the marvelously created monster battles will help you to do so. Forget the reality of your life. Feel the surge of adrenalin and the visual pleasure. This is Pacific Rim. 

Oh yes, my second brain ( my lizard brain ) enjoyed this very very much.


  1. lol


    But hey Idris Elba is Idris Elba. For all I care, he could read the yellow pages and he'd have me spellbound. LOL

    I liked the movie myself

    (I still can't believe Charlie Hunnam got so old/big/famous. I will forever remember him as Nathan from QAF UK and no matter how old he gets, I'll probably be shocked all over again when he lands a new role. XD )

    1. EXACTLY! But when he also wears a cool futuristic fighting suit and rescues little girls?

      I already re-watched this movie once :D

      I adore Charlie Hunnam , he was so lucky to get cast in Sons of Anarchy. It is a good show and one that similar to The Wire or Game of Thrones in the sense that any ctor can put t on their CVs and not be ashamed.

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